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Saturday, 6 June 2020


Building a good relationship at home is like building a wall: It's done brick by brick. And the mortar that holds it together is unconditional, un-condemning, unselfish love. The only way you'll know how good a job you've done is when it's tested by the storms of life. One of the most important keys to succeeding at home is communication. So:

1. Become Creative. Spend time together as a family. Call your mate during the day and try to meet sometimes for lunch. Drive your kids to school or football practice so you can talk to them. Communication can happen anywhere, but it won't happen unless you make it a priority.

2. Identify communication killers. Internet, cell phones and TV are the chief culprits. The average couple spends less than one hour a week in meaningful communication; they spend five times more each day watching television. This is a 'screen test' you'll have to pass if you want to succeed at home.

3. Encourage every member to speak their mind. And when they do, don't criticise or retaliate. Differences of opinion are healthy. Handled right, they can make things better.

4. Be conscious of how you interact with your family. You may have unwittingly adopted a style that stifles communication. Stop and consider; do you:
(a) retaliate - that has a degrading effect.
(b) dominate - that has an intimidating effect.
(c) isolate - that has a frustrating effect.
(d) co-operate - that has an encouraging effect.

If you're in the habit of using any communication style other than a cooperative one, start working immediately to change it. You'll have, if you want to build a good relationship with your family.

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Friday, 29 May 2020


Studies show we forget 50 percent of what we hear immediately, 80 percent within a day, and 97 percent within a week. So what's the solution?

When you listen, make understanding your goal, not just remembering facts. Great learners are great listeners; that's why they always have a flow of fresh ideas. The truth is, you'll never know how close you are to a breakthrough or a blessing until you learn to listen. Be honest. How often have you said you're going to spend more time listening to the people in your life who matter? Start doing it, because if you don't show up for life's "special moments," before you know it there will be none left to show up for. The people who really listen to us become the most important people in our lives. If you want to be one of them, you must do three things:

1. Look directly at the speaker. Don't belittle someone by catching up on work, talking on the phone, or tweeting and texting while they're talking. Focus on them.

2. Don't interrupt. When you do that, people think you don't place much value on what they're saying. Or that you're trying to impress them with how much you know. Or you're too excited by what you have to add to the conversation to let them finish.

3. Suspend your judgement. Wait to hear the whole story before you respond. If you don't, chances are you'll miss the most important things the speaker has to say.

Can you think of anyone you haven't been listening to lately? The good news is it's not too late to become a good listener.

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Tuesday, 19 May 2020


1. Love can't be explained.
2. Love is spiritual.
3. Love is all about sacrifice.
4. Love is a healing balm. It can heal anything (soul, spirit, body).
5. Unconditional love is the best kind of love.
6. No one has the control over the power of love.
7.Love is powerful and energetic.
8. Love strengthens someone.
9. One can be successful in any areas of life
if he/she is surrounded by love from others.
10. Love forgives.
11. No force is as powerful as love.
12. Love stands the test of time.
13. Love at times can be painful.
14. Love is contagious faster than any other
15. God is the founder of love.
16. Love is the only solution to every
problem in this world.
17. Love is life.
18. Love is a mystery; it can't be fully unlocked
19. Love is the best character anyone could
20. The best gift you can ever give to someone is love.

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Thursday, 14 May 2020


If your goal is personal growth, then you must take time for reflective thinking. So:

1. Remove yourself from distractions. Reflection and distraction don't mix. Reflection requires solitude. It's not the kind of thing you can do well near a television, while the phone's ringing, or with children in the same room. You say, "But I don't have time to spend in reflection." We all have 168 hours each week. If you spend just one of them reflecting, you'll be amazed how your life will be enriched.

2. Regularly review your calendar or journal. Most people use their calendar as a planning tool, which it is. But few use it as a reflective thinking tool. What could be better, however, for helping you to review where you have been and what you have done - except maybe a journal? Those two things remind you of how you've spent your time. They show whether your activities match your priorities. They help you to see whether you are making progress. They also offer you an opportunity to recall activities you might not have had time to reflect on previously. Some of your most valuable thoughts may have been lost because you didn't give yourself the reflection time you needed.

3. Ask the right questions. The Bible says in Deuteronomy 32:29, "O that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end!" Ask yourself, " Am I growing personally and in my walk with God? Am I strengthening my relationships with the people who matter in my life? Am I using the gifts and sharpening the skills God has given me?" Reflecting on such questions can change your life for the better.

We've come to the end of taking time to reflect.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020


The digital age has great advantages. Through emails, texts, and tweets we can communicate quickly. The disadvantage is that it doesn't cultivate in us a desire to think about things deeply. You can't microwave personal growth; it requires a crockpot.

By taking time to reflect:

1. You gain confidence in decision making. Ever made a snap decision and later wondered if you did the right thing? Reflective thinking can help to defuse that doubt. It also gives you confidence for the next decision. Once you've reflected on an issue, you don't have to repeat every step of the thinking process when you're faced with it again. You've got mental road markers from having been there before.

2. You clarify the big picture. Reflective thinking helps us to go back and spend time pondering what we have done and what we have seen. To keep from making the same mistake over and over, you must stop and examine the process that led to it. In other words, reflection helps you to see the big picture.

3. You take a good experience and make it a valuable experience. They say we learn by experience. No, we learn from evaluated experience. An experience becomes valuable when it informs and equips us. That's why daily prayer and Bible reading are so essential. You'll understand things in God's presence that you won't understand any other way.

Thank you for reading.

Monday, 11 May 2020



When you take time to stop and reflect, you discover "honey" in your experiences that you can eat and grow stronger and wiser. When you reflect, you are able to put things into perspective; you gain new appreciation for things you didn't notice before.

Few of us have clear perspective in the heat of the moment. Most of us who have survived a traumatic experience usually avoid similar situations at all costs. This can leave us with unresolved issues that leave us tied up in knots.

Reflective thinking enables you to distance yourself from the intense emotions of an experience and see it with fresh eyes. Indeed, this process is one of the first steps to getting rid of our emotional baggage.

Each of us has been shaped by the experiences, good and bad, that we've had in life. What we refuse to deal with deals with us, and often in harmful ways. We "act out" of our unresolved issues. But when we bring them into the light and ask God for the grace to face them squarely, they lose their power over us.

Thank you for reading.

Sunday, 19 April 2020


26. Accept people the way they are.
27. Never Judge anyone.
28. Self control and self discipline is key to
anything you do in this life.
29. Detest pride with passion. Embrace
humility. Everything you are today, is not by your strength, wisdom and power but by the grace of God upon your life.
30. Gather as much knowledge as you can in every areas that concerns life. It helps a lot.
31. That everybody is doing it does not make it right. That everybody is not doing it does not make it wrong. Look at every issue
critically before doing anything.
32. Having faith in yourself and God is key to anything you do in life. It brings about
success while fear brings about defeat.
33. Contentment is a good behaviour one
should harness.Where you are today, is a
dream of millions.
34. Never impose your will on people. It's a bad attitude.
35. One of the ways to waste time is to
worry. Worrying sap one's energy and yields no result. Try thinking it through or praying to your Father. Getting a good counsel from someone you uphold in high esteem is  highly recommended.
36. Mind what you feed your mind, eyes and ears with. Pleasant thoughts, sight seeing,
music or talks brings about pleasant results
and negative thoughts, sight seeing, music or talks brings about unpleasant results in one's life.
37. Nobody can hurt you without your
permission. Stay cool and calm in every
38. The best way to be wise is to unlearn.
When you unlearn, you have opened your
brain to new ideas, teachings, trainings and you tend to assimilate faster.
39. Never compare yourself with anybody.
You don't know how their journey has been or what it looks like.
40. Impact lives everywhere you go. That's
the best thing any human can be.
41. Nothing is impossible. Even the word says "I'm possible." It will only take time.
42. You are responsible for whatever
happens to you. Be accountable to yourself.
43. Find your purpose. If you do that, you will achieve a lot of things with less time because focus has set in.
44. Don't chase material things. Trust me, you could get yourself hurt in the process, and
the damage, most times, might not be repairable.
45. Live in the moment. Forget about the past. You shouldn't bother much about your future, if you know you are doing the right things
46. Use and do everything in moderation.
47. Family first. They are the ones that can
never be tired of you. Others can get tired or even forsake you.
48. Remember, you can have it all, just not atthe same time.
49. Get rid of bad relationships. If you do not, after a while, you begin to stink.
50. The last, but definitely not the least, take calculated risk. It could be your luckiest trial
 to success.
Motivational Speaker, Writer, Singer

Sunday, 5 April 2020


1. Always be happy for everyone's successes.
2. Anything you can't tell your bestie isn't
worth doing.
3. Never do anything to impress someone.
4. Always be honest to yourself and
5. Never tear down someone else's character to make yourself look better.
6. Make "I'm really sorry" a habit for life
whenever you offend someone.
7. The truth is always bitter, endeavour to
accept and walk in the truth whenever
someone tells you.
8. When the people you love and care for
hurts you, please learn to forgive them. It just helps to alleviate the pain.
9. Ensure you stay happy always. It
guarantees good health and long life.
10. Always thank God for everything He has done and He is still doing for you.
appreciation is an application for more, It
also shows a grateful heart.
11. Make "Thank you very much, I really appreciate" a habit for life whenever someone offer to help or assist you.
12. One of the quality one should harness is the art of listening to others and understanding their words and the manner at which they speak. It is a good relationship booster.
13. Study the art of quietness ; It helps a lot.
14. Give a nice response no matter what
someone says to you. Ensure it's the truth
15. Always do to others what you will have
them do unto you.
16. Love a lot ; Trust a few.
17. Improve on yourself daily.
18. Giving always should be an essential part of one's life.
19. Don't expect everyone to love you. Be
grateful for the ones that love you.
20. Always do things because you really want.
to do them and not because of anyone.
21. Learn to study people before you begin a serious relationship with them.
22. Expect nothing from people.
23. Pay attention to everything in life. It
really helps.
24. Avoid gossips (i.e. saying negative things about people.)
25. Procrastination is a very deadly disease, Avoid it like a plague. It kills one's life gradually.

   Already found these regimens compelling and valuable? ; get to work ! , be pragmatic about this rules (though definitely it might be difficult to manage and abide by at the outset), you will surely be happy and contented at the end of it all.

Stay Safe
En Bonne Sante

Saturday, 28 March 2020


      How is it possible that most people fail to achieve their daily, not to mention their monthly or yearly goals ?

Why do people complain of inadequate time

when there is all the available time in the world to achieve what you aim for ?
It all bores down to a simple task you haven't thought of or you find difficult to execute ; MULTITASKING !

   By definition, Multitasking is just a procedure that involves one performing a 
number of activities  simultaneously under certain conditions.
Why is this Task important ?

The 21st century has ushered in a new era of doing things : conventional and orthodox ways of doing things have been constantly modified due to the way the world has been shaped.

So in many cases due to personal, global or natural reasons, we will just have to believe the time is not simply enough and there is sure truth to that. So how do we combat this problem, do many a task at a time!

You are in the market/business centre/waiting room or any other place : you are being delayed, why don't you use that time effectively to reflect on other plans ; present or future ?

You are working hard probably on a project or solving a problem and you are hitting walls solving it; why don't you take a breather and focus part of your energy on the things you can do while you still can?

       Now, it is important to that it doesn't apply to all situations otherwise it could lead to a decline in efficiency and productivity ; but in most cases, it saves time to execute other personal issues and necessities like sleep, meditation, quiet time, the right decisions and others ; which is where MULTITASKING takes it place.

 Stay Safe People 
En Bonne Sante !

Saturday, 29 February 2020


The word Brandy is derived from the Dutch phrase Brandewijn meaning "Burnt wine".
- American Negro hero Abraham Lincoln had a lot of taverns in his term as a way of also helping people.
- The pressure exerted by a popped champagne is about 90 pounds per square inch ; that is equivalent to three times the pressure of a car tyre and take could take your both eyes out.
- The sense organs of babies are about three(3) times as effective in adults.
- Hypochondria or Hypochondriasis is a medical condition in which a person has an uncontrollable and unnatural feeling of being sick.
The country India speaks over 800 ethnic languages
There is a lizard known as the Jesus Christ Lizard. This name is given to it because if it's ability to walk on water.
- Superfetation is a phenomenon whereby a woman is able to conceive while still having another foetus in her womb.
- A precise kick/hit to the nuts (testicles) is equivalent to giving birth to 160kids and breaking 3,200 bones at the same time.
- The word Amazon is for Greek goddess of athleticism as used in mythology.
- The brain is such a delicate issue that it starts bleeding on the slightest if touches.
- Cats are one of the most lazy animals in the world ; the sleep 70% of their lives.
- The last exploration/voyage to the moon was in the year 1972 by the Apollo 17 team.
- The American flags which were fixated on the moon during the Apollo mission would have turned white by now due to the adverse atmospheric conditions on the lunar surface.
- The first mobile phone call was Made by Martin Cooper ; a former Motorola inventor.
- Nomophobia is the fear of being without your mobile phone.
A survey conducted by SecurEnvoy showed that young adults and adolescents are more likely to suffer from Nomophobia. The same survey reported that 77% of the teens reported anxiety and worries when they were without their mobile phones, followed by the 25-34 age group and people over 55 years old ; Creepy !
- Female black widow spiders ; as similar to queen bees eat their males after  mating. For the male anopheles mosquito they die after mating
- Most of the insulin used in treating animals are gotten from pigs and sheeps.
- Alcohol (Ethanol) can also be used as the liquid in thermometers.
- It takes just six(6) minutes for alcohol to react with the brain cells and begin to take effect on the body.

Saturday, 18 January 2020


Nature is built on knowledge and data discovered. The birth of a new discovery on any sect of humanity learning always creates a chain reaction of subsequent discoveries, knowledge and information worth knowing which expands Man's orientation and promotes upgrade in all aspects. To ensure the promotion of the universe and improve humanity as a whole man has to assess the current data and information he has, perform basic calculations to predict the future and maybe find out what would become of him.
   In any case, we are all aware of the changes that occur when something, someone or  an investment begins to boom ; more processing power/effort is needed ; this is the same for humanity, the more the data and discoveries, the more the calculations and the more resources to pool other than our mental capabilities.
      And this realization created the need for a alternative, an addendum, something that humors, mimicks and adapts to the way  the human mind analyzes and solves a problem and  Voil√† !
   Computers were the only way !

In our first few years of highschool computer studies, we must have learnt about the G's ( Generation) origin of computers from basic computing devices like the abacus, Napier Rods( Bones ), Slide Rules to the more developed ENIAC Oriented Machines, The Pascaline, The Analytical Engine design by Charles Babbage but which was never built e.t.c paved the way for both privately and publicly owned corporations like Apple, IBM, Samsung, Dell, Microsoft e.t.c to develop general purpose minicomputers, mainframe computers, microcomputers, Supercomputers and other computing inventions.

    We are currently living in the 4G computer era as this explains the existence of 4G cellular networks and also the recent development of the 5G network ; a discovery which could usher in the  5G  computers ( Of which is the Focus topic on this article ! ).
  Retracing our steps, the 4G computers we have today are advanced in terms of processing power, compatibility, speed diversity in usage, portability and  at the same time moderately and relatively economical in terms of purchasing power for the all and sundry.
     Several decades ago, we had computers which were cumbersome and very difficult to carry about. But we leave in the world today where a preeteen kid can boast of a mobile computer (in form of a Phone) and the average man can move around comfortably carrying a personal computer (Laptop) in his backpack.
   - Several decades Ago, we had storage devices and hard drives  as big as a cassette player but today we can conceal a storage drive storing large amounts of data in the palm of our hands ; these are our SD cards and microprocessors. This is on epitome of enlightenment and revolutionized change.
   The 5G computer is already here and  in the nearest future it would become readily available and accessible.
 The evolution of the 5G computers has become a subject of interest in the academic world in various  higher institutions across the world. This field is termed quantum computing.

    What is Quantum computer ?  
Quantum computer is an entirely different species from previous computer being produced and manufactured. You can funnily call this computer a mutant because it has a different genetic makeup from the current computers we use for our daily activities today ! .
   Our present-day classical computers operate in a two way system ; a binary system. It is either wrong or correct, either zero or one, up and down or left and right.
 But this new breed of computers are quite what we do not anticipate ; It's name "Quantum Computer" explains that it uses the laws of quantum physics ; a branch of modern science that studies the existence of multiple amounts of  energy in very small and separate amounts. This principles is then applied to developing a quantum computer ! 
    It is well understood that our current computers operates on two possible outcomes( what we know as bits ) Meaning that if you were in an oil Field and you are prospecting for new petroleum materials and you run a drill about 10 times ; you will obtain 2 ×13(26) possible outcomes, but a quantum computer does calculation in an exponential way called qubits ; meaning you will obtain 2¹³ (8,192) possibilities ! 
  A stunning outcome of this magnitude could Bring about greater initiatives that has not been premeditated, it could create multiple amounts of opposing possibilities at the same time ; meaning you could have a computer that could literally be active and shutdown at the same time ! This term for that phenomenon is called SUPERPOSITION !
 You could also have computers which could be interconnected and controlled remotely with the exact same protocols ; this term is known as ENTANGLEMENT.

Not to even compare how this computer specie will be applied in the field of medicine, engineering, finance, general management, general science and humanity as a whole. 

  As I have previously mentioned , the 5G computer is already here and the first quantum computer built is called the D-WAVE 1  developed by D-WAVE systems; a quantum computer hardware company in the year 2011. The second quantum computer was more elaborate and it was called the D-WAVE 2 developed by Google and NASA in the year 2015 and it is still subject to improvements and modifications and when it is perfected ; we will be welcomed into the fifth generation of computers !.

         The major downside to this advancement is the vulnerability it will creates amongst humans. With the calculating prowess of a quantum computer ; one could easily have access to private profiles of persons, institutions and corporation unless serious measures are taken. A quantum computer will also help grow the productions of biological and chemical weapons, nuclear warheads and together with the ever perfect artificial intelligence it could create a weapon of planetary destruction ; especially if it falls into the wrong hands .
  Which then postulates the foreboding question, Is technology man's doom or man is man's doom ?.

   Let's hear your view in the comment section about the future of quantum computing on humanity and do not forget to follow this blogsite for more information and updates !

Sunday, 29 December 2019


  The term " Superpower " doesn't essentially meaning having the powers of unimaginable strength (  Superman ) , being able to run at supersonic speeds (Flash) or having the ability to lift up objects 50 times your weight using a web coming off from your subdermal flesh ( Spider Man ) as we know all these things are SciFi right ?
    A mortal being's superpower is that ability that makes a person realize his uniqueness, purpose and value.
  We all marvel at mind chemistry having the  ability to possess many qualities  ; knowledge, conscience, courage, show of humour and many others but few people possess  rare qualities that could be missing link to our lives moving forward ; these quality can be what you call " Superpower " and the two most common types of superpowers are ;
- EMPATHY : This is a quality and attribute everyone should possess ; why so ?
  Empathy is the ability to intuit, envisage and understand the feelings and thought of another person without being told by the person in question. It's nothing about parapsychology ; it's just a SUPERPOWER !
     An empathetic  businessman/businesswoman will know how and when to convince his/her customers or prospects to buy his/her products.
    An Empathetic writer will be able to deduce the feelings and emotions (maybe not all) of some of his book readers and as a result, write the right things into the minds of his audience which will propel his/her career forward.

-DISCERNMENT : This is the property of being able to distinguish and singularize different things from each other ; for the betterment of  yourself. Discernment is similar to the choice of picking between the good and bad. The only distinction is that it involves the good and the REAL GOOD.
    What does this imply ?
- A person who wants to be a pioneer in science and technology can simply follow the footsteps and paths of 2face ( 2baba ), Eminem, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber or what have you ; you will rather look up to guys like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and others.
- An overly  religious oriented person ( A pastor, Bishop or clergyman in the making ) can simply live his life based on the words men like Jay Shetty, Brian Tracy or even Les Brown ; you'd have to be more of a Daniel Kolenda,  Bishop Oyedepo or Apostle Selman kind of person.
 These are examples of DISCERNMENT ; not as if one is not good ; it all balls down to choosing your path and follow its rules that will get you to the top ; and this also clarifies a more recent trend about the beef against motivational speakers ; truth is, they take it from a general angle which can be somehow cumbersome and hard to assimilate but it's left to you to discern to find your path in what they are trying to say.

- Already found new strategies to make your incoming year blissful and fulfilling ?
- Then add  these pairs of superpowers to your cabinet !
- It will come in very handy !
- Be a Buddha !
- Get it right !

Les avenir est Ici !

Thursday, 28 November 2019


 Burns are one of the most common skin injuries. It is important to note that Burns, as palatable as it sounds can be very paradoxical ; point being, A simple burn can require a less medication like an antibiotic ( penicillin ) while another type of burn can cause a cul-de-sac to the dermatologist's treatment.
  Which is why we need to understand the kinds of burns that exist in Nature.
   Meanwhile and in a nutshell, Burns are amongst other skin injuries that usually occurs. Other examples includes ;
- Lacerated Wound : This involves the injuries to the skin by serrated or sharp objects like knives and razors.
- Punctured Wound : This is a type of  skin injury caused by pointed objects such as needles, pins e.t.c.
- Abrasive Wound : This is a type of skin injury caused by rubbing the body on hard and rough  surfaces like cracked walls e.t.c
   Burns on the other hand, are injuries that occur when the skin is vulnerably exposed to open fire, dry heat, steam, heat from hot materials and concentrated chemicals.
   The effects of each of theses types of burns have varying effects, while some can be benign ( A temporary and nonlethal effect ), Some can be terminal, malignant and chronic.
   The major classes of burns are ;
- First Degree Burns : This is the type of burn in which it damages does not affect the inner skin (dermis), This burn only go as far as affecting the outer skin (epidermis) with also less intensity. Examples of events that can lead to having a first degree burn are ; Temporary burns from a fire, hot water(substance) or steam. This burn can be treated with immediate effect and with the scar also going into remission as well.
  - Second Degree Burns : This is the type of burn that causes great damage to the outer skin and skin follicles but less effect on the inner skin. Burns like this leave a blistering scar on the body of the affected with few side effects. Examples of Events that can lead to the sustaining of this burns are ; scalding from hot water or steam, being injured in open fire, prolonged background exposure to undiluted heat (Sun Burns).
- Third Degree Burns : This is the most advanced form of  burn injury that occurs. The effects of acquiring a Third degree burn are also malignant that it can cause permanent scars, Necrosis ( death of the tissue and cell of the skin area affected), Nerve damage, vulnerability and susceptibility of the skin to other infections and diseases, overall body shock which can lead to death. Examples of Third Degree Burns includes ; long lasted and prolonged exposure to carbonized smoke (probably being trapped in a burning building ), fire or concentrated chemical attack.


- In Emergency Situations : Since a burn injury can increase the average room temperature of the victim affected, it is important the Victim is allowed enough space to breathe, relax and a coolant ( probably ice ) should be applied on the affected area to forestall any unknown side effect.

- Daily Medication & Regimen : 
(I) Regularly running the affected skin under cool water for 10-20minutes depending on the type of burn ; the higher the degree of burn, the more the time taken.
(ii) Use of Analgesics and painkillers such as ; acetaminophen and ibuprofen.
 (iii) Application of Anaesthetics and Lotion ( as prescribed by a physician ) to graze and smoothen the burnt area of the skin.
(iv) Use of antibiotics and antiseptic solutions when washing the affected skin.

   Never try to self medicate a Third degree burn ! You might not be aware of the unknown and unforseen effects that will occur in later times.

P.S: Inasmuch as we don't appeal to burns and other forms of blistering and body staining injuries ; It is important to remember that some things get screwed up for the better (Even to ourselves).
    What is the crux of this PostScript ?
Some bad things happen for the good things to emerge. If not for us, but to our future selves and posterity ( It has happened to me few times )
   Also, do not forget to comment on this article and share to other social media channels for more integration and global convergence.


Friday, 8 November 2019


Adulthood starts from the age of 18 ; meaning once you have successfully crossed this threshold ; FELICITATIONS !  you can consider your self a full grown adult with the sense and feeling of belonging, responsibility, freedom and maturity.
     Adults can also be subdivided into young adults and aged adult.
    Young adults are individuals who just hit the 18-year-old mark through their twenties to their early thirties.  Aged Adults are individuals from the middle age ( 35 years ) and above.
    Either way, age plays an important role in not only in classifying adulthood but also in terms of responsibilities, recognition and experience. Once an adult is spotted , the first and general impression made on the individual is that of behavioural attributes, discretion and most importantly, maturity.
    Focusing on the maturity aspect, there are notable cases where a full grown adult lacks the maturity attitude and these signs  below will help  decipher if you, reading this article are mature or not ;
1. Not necessarily being ok with it, but understanding why people do things. Showing empathy towards their actions even if it they did something you don’t like.
2. The ability to delay instant gratification for longer term happiness.
3. Being able to admit you were wrong.
4. Being willing to change your mind about an issue when presented with evidence you were previously unaware of.
5. Speaking because you’ve got something to say, not saying something just to speak.
6. Calmly saying the right words like  “I am angry/upset because…” instead of shouting or crying.
7. Understanding that, while you are relatively small in the scheme of things, the way you live every day can have long lasting implications.
8. Taking responsibility and trying to learn from your mistakes instead of trying to put the blame on others.
9. Independence : Being mature is being able to support yourself and take care of your own needs.
10. Taking genuine pleasure in the success and well-being of others.
11. Handling adversity : Anyone can be pleasant and generous when times are good. Being thoughtful, patient, caring and warm when times are bad is true maturity.
12. Being able to understand how much you can handle : Most people, including I myself, is still figuring this one out myself, but the ability to assess your situation and tell yourself and others no when you are overwhelmed.
13. You grow up/mature with the start of every single day : A small thing, that you might have done wrong/unwanted yesterday, like you bought yourself too much dinner that you had to throw most of it out; can be corrected today, if you’re mature enough to get the thoughts of avoiding wastage. Thus, you wouldn’t buy too much food next time. So, what I’m trying to say is that when you start correcting your own unwanted mistakes, you are maturing.
14. Being able to listen to people when they talk about their problems and validate them without unnecessarily adding your own experiences or interpretations.
15. Taking responsibility for your own life, health and happiness, not relying on others or placing blames for your circumstances!
16. Impulse control, especially with finances.
17. Stepping up to do things because they need doing.
18. Whether in an argument or discussion, you don’t try to belittle someone else’s point and you know when to admit you are wrong.
19. Not caring anymore about the “this is better than that” bullshit. Not caring anymore about “popular” things, because other things are also good.
20. Being able to force yourself to do things you don’t want to do.
21. The ability to step into someones (everyones) shoes : There is always going to be someone who thinks differently than you and they will tell you why and  how you believe or what you do is wrong. The ability to see where they are  coming from or at least gleam a fraction of self awareness on your own failings is major. You may not like the idea and reason but understanding the "why" is more mature and will help you learn where you can improve.
22. Not giving a shit about what people say ( particularly when it concerns you ).
23. Knowing the difference between need and want, and letting go of your wants.
24. Being able to take a joke without getting upset.
25. Making it a priority to understand the perspective of everyone you encounter.
26. Knowing you don’t know everything.
27. The ability to let go of the illusion of control.
28. Living within your means, whether those means are humble or abundant.
29. The capability of not been frustrated  at every failure you make.
30. Accepting responsibility for your actions.

 So, Are you a Mature adult or Not ?

PS : This article was edited by English blogger and realist JANUARY NELSON, the founder of the CATALOG FOUNDATION blog. 

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Tuesday, 29 October 2019


  Mother Nature is full of mystery, awes, phenoms and wonders alike. These can be in form of animals, places, people and things and on our Treatise today, we will be observing the important facts of one of mother nature fascinating phenomenon in form of an animal ; THE WHALE.


1) Whales belong to a group of species called the CETACEANS.

2) The Cetacean species also consists of related animals such as dolphins, porpoise and orcas ( also known as Killer whale).

3)  Strangely enough, Whales do not belong to class of Pisces ( fishes)  but rather, they are mammals.

4) As mammals, they possess different features from normal fishes, I.e they breathe air rather than water, They are more intelligent and easily adaptive than normal fishes, they possess lungs rather than gills and they are one of mammals ( including seacows ) that can live their entire life and survive on water.

5) They are homiothermic ( Warmblooded ) ; for this reason, they are usually found in large oceans because of the normal temperature.

6) The young of  a Whale is called a calf.

7) The BLUE WHALE is the largest mammal in the world with a span of about 94 feet ( that is equivalent to a 9- storey building and taller than the famous Chinese bamboo tree ).

8) A group of whales is called a POD.

9) The only predator of whales is Man and this is because of it's abundance in proteins and rich organic chemicals/matter.

10) The Conservation status of Whales is at a  normal range. However, Orcas ( Killer Whales) species are already being threatened and endangered.


Friday, 11 October 2019


 There are an array of phobia that exist in nature, some of which are very common but the some of the most important ones are ;
1) Zoophobia --- Fear of Animals
2) Ailurophobia --- Fear of Cats 
3) Astraphobia --- Fear of lighting storms 
4) Agoraphobia --- Fear of being in open spaces 
5) Photophobia --- Fear of light ; people with less pigmented skin (albino) have this irrational fear
6) Aquaphobia – Fear of water 
7) Hydrophobia --- Fear of water ; it occurs when a person has been  infected with the disease “rabies”. Rabies weakness his host by making it afraid of anything moist (water or saliva) 
8) Panophobia/ omniphobia--- Fear of everything; this occurs mostly in individuals who are brought up in a broken or troubled home.
9) Autophobia ---- Fear of being alone.
10) Aerophobia --- Fear of flying.
11)  Triskaidekaphobia --- Fear of the number “13” many historical reports has backed up the reason why certain people consider this number unlucky.
-Judas Iscariot was sitting in the thirteenth chair during the last supper 

-NASA’S Apollo 13 left for the moon on the 11th of April 1970 and then an oxygen tank exploded delaying the time for the space crafts to come back to earth. The space craft came back safely on the 17th of April 1970 
12) Claustrophobia – Fear of enclosed places 
13) Gnosiophobia --- Fear of knowledge 
14) Ataxophobia --- Fear of dirt 
15) Phasmophobia --- Fear of ghost 
16)  Hypochondria --- Fear of becoming sick 
It is more of a psychotic disorder
17) Technophobia --- Fear of Technology/Technological inventions 
18) Chronphobia --- Fear of time, The passing of time
19) Haemophobia--- Fear of Blood 
Acrophobia --- Fear of heights
20) Arithmophophobia --- Fear of numbers, mathematical calculations 
21) Gerontophobia --- Fear of Aging
Lepidopterphobia --- Fear of butterfly and moths
22) Xenophobia --- Fear of strangers, foreigners or Racists   
This type of phobia is prevalent in South Africa. A chain of incidents occurred between 1994 to 2017 where attacks were launched on foreigners who had come to South Africa. Many, including some Nigerians were killed which threatened the closure of large companies in Nigeria such as MTN communications, SHOPRITE group of companies and Multi choice company as they were all owned by South Africans. 
   This Disastrous phenomenon also resurfaced in August 2019 where the South Africans started destroying the lives, investments and properties of Nigerian Citizens residing over there. In turn, the indigenous Nigerians retaliated by vandalising  and looting South African related companies such as ; Shoprite Group of Companies, Mobile Telecommunications Network ( MTN) and also banks owned by the South Africans.
23) Anatidaephobia - Fear of a Duck/ Fear that a Duck/ goose is looking at you.
24) Arachnophobia - Fear of Spiders, Cobwebs and scorpions.
25) Phobophobia - Fear of having a Phobia.
26) Orinthophobia - Fear of Birds
27) Acrophobia - Fear of heights.
28) Anthrophobia - Fear of Mankind.
29) Pyrophobia - Fear of Fire and heat.
30) Herpetophobia - Fear of reptiles ; snakes, lizards,crocodiles e.t.c

      Phobia was initially considered to be difficult to treat considering the fact that it is not an infection/illness but with the advancements of modern and  medical sciences they are new ways to treat this obsessive fear;
1) Use of sedatives, tranquilizers, and antidepressants; these are drugs that soothe and calm, the body nerves in terms of stress, fear or anxiety. These medications should be taken as prescribed by the physician as miscalculation of dosage can have a side-effect on the body. Common examples of this drugs are: valium, lorazepam and benzodiazepine 
2) Living  a stress- free life.
3) By Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; this is a process where the individual is made to understand the nature of phobia in question and also made to adapt and get acquiesced to His / her phobic environment so as to ease the irrational fear. It can also be called SELF-EXPOSURE-THERAPY.   


1) The letter with the highest number of words is the letter "S"
2) The Triad is a Chinese criminal organization whose sole aim is to infiltrate large investments, undergo espionage motives and black market operations.
3) The Coldest country/ region in the world is Antarctica.
4) The hardest country to obtain citizenship is Vatican City ; This is a result of the Religious purview ( Catholicism ) and a foreigner can only become citizen if he/she is a bona fide Catholic.
5) GOOGLE is an acronym for Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. While YAHOO is an acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Network.

    Looking in Retrospect we have tackled and by now understood the basics of phobia and how it can be alleviated ; but are you aware it has a Vis-√†-vis ( Opposite ) ? That is, instead of having irrational
Fear you are obsessed with a particular thing?.. As weird as this sounds, it is very true. But, The Learning Bulletin Blog has got you covered. On my next blog article, we will observing in every little detail the Opposite and Alter Ego form of Phobia.
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Saturday, 28 September 2019


         Animals have two instincts for emergency and survival; fight and flight. These urges are powered by the natural fuel in our body system; ADRENALINE. We should also be aware that one of the most potent elements which stimulates the production of this fuel (adrenaline; which can be found as a gland on the top of the kidneys) is called FEAR. Fear is a natural instinct that forebodes survival and the need to Thrive. As humans, there are certain things to be naturally afraid of; Death, Poverty, failure, disappointment, financial disaster e.t.c but oddly enough there are extreme and irrational forms of fear. for instance, being afraid of a needle, eggs, waters, domesticated animals amongst others. This type of fear is called PHOBIA. Phobia, like almost any other word has an etymology (Word Origin). The word "phobia" originates from classical mythology ; A form of ancient worship , study and divination in which there was a belief in the existence of gods and goddesses suited for a particular purpose and highly venerated. The most notable ones are; 1) Zeus -The Father of all Greek gods. 2) Hercules -The Greek god of supernatural strength. 3) Mercury -The Roman god of motion 4) Ra -The Egyptian god of the sun. 5) Thor -The Norse god of lightning and thunder. 6) Venus -The Roman goddess of beauty. 7) Athena -The Greek goddess of wisdom. 8) Vulcan -The Roman god of volcanoes and cataclysms. 9) Thanatos -The Greek god of death. 10) Phobos -The Greek god of fear. Phobia originates the word "Phobos" which as we have previously read is the Greek god of fear. Phobia is simple terms, is the abnormal, irrational and extreme fear of something, a particular event or a form of living thing. CAUSES OF PHOBIA Phobia not only influences our physical environment, but it also affects our visceral awareness and mental state. The major causes of phobia are; - Early childhood trauma/incidents: Most phobias inhabited by individuals emerge from childhood traumatized experiences, which then afflicts the person with an extreme fear of whatever he/she has experienced when recalled from memory. For Instance, if a kid is trapped in an body of water almost drowning but is narrowly rescued he/she will have a daunting attitude towards water or liquids (especially a large expanse of water!). Also, if a person finds himself in an enclosed or tight space for a long period of time. He will continue to experience an overwhelming fear and apprehension of tight and stuffy surroundings. Many other similar instances can be cited to explain the reason for this unusual fear. Even famous celebrities and well known people had/has certain form of phobias; Actress Nicole Kidman has fear of butterflies, The famous Alexander the great had fear of cats. Renowned television presenter Oprah Winfrey has fear of chewing gum, The fictional Harvard university professor Robert Langdon in the Dan Brown book series has fear of tight spaces, of which he explains as a result of being trapped in a dry well for five (5) hours at the age of nine. - Learned Responses: This is also an important factor that influences the occurrences of phobia in persons and it is mostly developed from witnessing gruesome and macabre events while growing up. It is commonly caused in domestic homes, community settings or in organizations where there is no close association or communication among one another. We observe a Scenario where there is often quarrels, conflicts and violence between the Husband and wife, when a child witness this events incessantly while he/she is maturing, it can cause an emotional reaction which can lead to extreme fear of shouting, disorderliness and even marriage. In worst cases, a young lad/lass who is frequently being lambasted can be psychically disrupted, compelling him/her to have excessive fear of all things. - By Inheritance (GENETICS): Research is still being made whether phobia can be genetically transmitted from parent to offspring. Though it is still a work in progress. - Long Term Stress: Stress is a daily concept that health care professionals warns the All and Sundry to avoid because of its devastating effects on the human body system. Apart from causing serious illness,physical and mental breakdown and general disorientation, stress can also serve as a quick medium of acquiring a form of phobia. A person that is stressed out doesn't have full control of his surroundings, and as a result he experiences paranoia; a tendency to distrust people and things around you. And unfortunately when a bad event occurs at that time, it can lead to the excessive fear of nothing and everything. SIGNS/INDICATION OF PHOBIA. The common it of phobia are; 1) Sweating and fidgeting. 2) Scratching and development of minor rashes on the body. 3) Dizziness, Headache and Nausea. 4) Disorientation and Discombobulation. Wanna know the types, treatments and opposites of phobia? You can follow this blog site for more updates, drop your candid comments and do not forget to share this worthwhile article to friends, groups and loved ones!

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

   The Learning Bulletin blog site  is created on the basis of challenging the minds of individuals to manifold of things that abound in Nature.
     On this blog post I will be sharing some intriguing general facts that are worth knowing;

- the most valued currency in the world is the Kuwaiti Dinar Of Kuwait. 1 Kuwait Dinar is equivalent to approximately $3.4 that is about N1200.

- According to the World poverty clock organization, An individual is said to be poor when he/she spends less than $1.90 aday
Poverty is when an individual spends less than $1.90 a day
90 million Nigerians are  currently living in abject poverty.
    - The Human brain is made up about of 100 billion nerve cells for functionality.
- The word "Google" is coined from the word "googol" which means 1 followed by 100 zeros.
- The Country with the largest land mass is Russia.
- The ring structures that form around the planet Saturn are actually made up of  dust, craters and mineral deposits.
- According to the Big Bang theory, The Earth is 4.5 billion ( 4500000000 ) years old.
- The Continent where no reptiles can be found is Antarctica. It is mostly made up of sea animals and birdsong like The Penguins.
- The word "hypnosis" was coined from "hypnos" the Greek God of Sleep.
- The name of Adolf Hitler's wife was Eva Braun ; Interestingly, they got married the day before they both committed suicide due to the Germany's imminent defeat during the Second world War. ( They Died on April 30th, 1945 and they got married on April 29th, 1945).

Thursday, 12 September 2019


  The Learning Bulletin blog is a platform created to evolve the minds of the all and sundry about knowledge, information, facts and limitations across diverse fields of science, logic, Philosophy, ,  humanity, general Knowledge and history.
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